Highlights of Hypnosis

  • Guidance towards lasting, positive, changes
  • Complete mental & physical relaxation

Hypnosis Price Range

Through hypnosis, a client can be guided to bring the subconscious mind into agreement with what the conscious mind knows and wants. Hypnosis allows for the client to be in a complete state of mental and physical relaxation, opening up the door to communicate with the subconscious mind allowing for lasting, positive changes to be made. Emotional blocks, self-esteem and confidence building, anxiety, fear of success, removing imprints are all areas that are focused on at The Pillars. 


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Reiki allows the Practitioner to balance the body’s natural life force energy located in the Chakras. The use of crystals allows the Reiki energy to be increased. Emotional blocks in the subconscious mind can cause blockages in the Chakras. Once the Chakras are open and working effectively, clients may feel as sense of well-being that has not been achieved before. By combining Reiki with Hypnosis clients are addressing issues on all 3 levels.

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Highlights of Reiki

  • Achieve balance
  • Energy blocks are opened
  • Addresses Mind, Body, and Spirit

Reiki Price Range